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The Tonking-patented solar heat storage equipment is a hermetic circulation system which consists of a dish parabolic reflector, energy storage tank, heat collector, and pipeline. The dish parabolic reflector reflects and focuses sunlight to heat the heat collector, which then heats compressed air (heat transmission medium) through large-area heat exchange. The heated compressed air circulates in the system to continuously heat the heat storage medium in the heat storage tank, thereby realizing the purpose of heat storage.

The stored heat can be transmitted to the heat load system to produce electricity whenever necessary.

The solar heat storage technology is essential to the balanced output of Solar thermal power generation technology. The stored heat can be used to produce electricity during cloudy days or at night.

A solar thermal plant with the solar heat storage technology is an ideal solution that can be deployed in a distributed manner to provide power supply on islands or in villages in remote areas. It not only reduces National power grid construction investment, but also has significance in terms of national defense construction and the people's livelihood improvement.

A large-scale Solar thermal or PV power plant with the solar heat storage equipment helps to minimize pollution, improve the urban environment, and reduce the usage of non-renewable resources. Therefore, it could bring inestimable social benefits.

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