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The company is mainly engaged in the production and sale of high-grade organic agricultural products such as grains, vegetables, and oil crops as well as herbal medicine crops and flowers by leveraging its unique PV plant advantages. In southern China, the temperature can be very high. The PV modules help block about 30% of the sunlight to lower the temperature and create a micro-climate underneath. This prolongs the growing period of the crops by 20%, makes the crop roots stronger, and enriches the content of trace elements, thereby greatly increasing the product quality. The company is also engaged in fishery, poultry, and stock breeding. The company also introduces advanced agricultural technology to build its own brand.

To ensure product quality and safety, the company strictly implements efficient management and inspection mechanisms and never uses any synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or polluted water. The company uses only collected rain water for irrigation. Rain water is collected into large tanks and carried by pipes to irrigation sprinklers, thereby improving the water usage efficiency.

※ Primary planting products:
    Grains, vegetables, and oil crops



Oil crops

※ Secondary planting products:
    Herbal medicine crops and flowers

Herb medicine crops


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