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In the solar-energy utilization domain, the group has leading-edge expertise and R&D experience, and has signed a 10-year exclusive agreement with Zhejiang University. In June 2014, the group signed the Agreement for Establishing an Academician Workstation with Cen Kefa, a prestigious academician in the Chinese Academy of Engineering and director of the thermal research institution in Zhejiang University. This is the first academician workstation in Jiangshan City. Since entering the solar energy industry, the group has obtained more than 40 patents, and is the only company that can build tracking PV arrays with anchored supports (not changing the agricultural property of land) on its own in China.

The subsidiary Quzhou OST has built a 470 KWp demo rooftop PV power plant, which was connected to the power grid in April 2014.

The large-scale 30 MWp solar-agriculture ground power plant built in Zhushu Village, Fenglin Town, Jiangshan City was connected to the power grid on September 10, 2014.

Using self-developed leading-edge proprietary Dual-axis tracking technologies, statistics show that PV power plants built by Tonking could generated 25%-35% higher power yielding than those built by other traditional titled fixed system. The Smart Solar-Agriculture Ground Power Plant project has won appreciation from governments in various regions in China. By now, the Group have obtained more than 270MWp approval to build Agricultural PV power plants in Jiangshan, Changshan, Kecheng, Longyou, Guangfeng, and Lichuan. The group has also signed investment memos with governments of Jiangxi, Hubei, and Anhui provinces on PV power plants, more than 200 MWp.

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