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First phase of Changshan PV Station connected to grid


On May 20th, 2015, the extended period of rainy weather finally cleared. Tonking Group’s third PV project, the Changshan Power Station, which utilizes our self-developed dual-axis PV tracking system, has been successfully connected to the grid. The project utilizes the self-developed dual-axis PV tracking system.


At 8:00AM, city officials and technicians arrived to the scene and began to adjust equipment. At the same time, department heads and professionals of National Grid Quzhou and Changshan power companies came to the scene to guide and assist program debugging. At 4:15pm, the Changshan power station was successfully connected to the grid.


The Changshan project, started in March 2015, was hindered by inclement weather conditions but the installation personnel managed to complete the first phase at 10.9MW scale in two months.


The Changshan PV power Station is the Tonking Group’s third project. Apart from the first phase, the follow-up project will be developed and constructed soon to finally reach the 30MW scale.

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