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Products Introduction
Solar dual-axis tracking system which is independently developed and designed by Tonking Group could realize all directions and real-time tracking. Multiple sets of tracking module subsystem are controlled by a single controller and axis of rotation to achieve smart control on dual-axis tracking, improving the control efficiency sharply and reducing the system costs. Compared with fixed single-axis system, it increase electricity generation by more than 25%-30%, which better realize the Combination of Smart PV plant and Agriculture. Truss structure of PV array improves the strength and anti-wind capacity of the entire system. The dual-axis tracking system can be used everywhere except rooftop of color plate housing.
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Top 10 Advantages


Perfect combination with Huawei smart pv solution, simple design, flexible connection and low operating costs.


PV module mounting rack operating process employs field assembly line and integral hoisting mode, which will not damage the module or the rack. In this method, it could greatly reduce the requirement for the worker’s technical ability, and improve the installation efficiency.


The AC/DC cable is lied in the square tube of the truss in the air, significantly lower the amount of the cable,line loss and land excavation operation cost.
It does not need armour-class cable, and reduce the requirement for the cables.


The special installation method does not need AC-DC Combiner Box, in this case, it reduces the installation workload and investment costs. Meanwhile, non-fuse structure improves the stability of the PV power station.


Tonking‘s tracking system are insulated from different PV panels by smart design, in this case, it finally reduce the attenuation of panels.

Terrain flexible:

The special design of system could fit slope up to 15 degree, and realize the possibility of constructing PV power plant according to the terrain types.
The continuous truss structure could prevent damages such as PV module deformation, which is caused by ground displacement of geological subsidence, contraction or variation.


Tonking group dual-axis PV tracking system employs truss structure which are placed on the ground directly without excavating land or grouting foundation, which reduces greatly the system investment and installation costs.


When climate is right, control center can remotely control the dip-angle sub-driving system to elevate solar panel, in order to allow rain drop washing away the dust accumulated on top of the solar panel while watering the plants under it. In place where dust is not too heavy, there is no need for operator to clean the panel.


Tonking solar dual-axis tracking system can adjust itself to the optimum safe mode automatically to avoid PV module damage by ice, hail or gale. Overhead cable arrangement prevents it from damaging by small animal or geological changes. Control systems and string inverters are hoisting about 1.5m height of dual-axis racks, reducing the water vapor, floods and other damages to the ground PV power station. Using centralized grid lightning protection technology to prevent lightning stroke effectively


Tonking dual-axis tracking control system uses the most common and reliable combination of PLC, motor and reducer to ensure the reliability of the dual-axis tracking system. Simple Replacement brings the convenience of maintenance, and general technical workers could replace and repair it by themselves. While overhead cable arrangement also brings convenience for repairing and replacing the cable.
Product performance

Independently developed and designed, realize all directions and real-time tracking

Tonking group has more than 40 self-developed patents, among them, tracking system has been appled for PCT and international patents. The rotation of PV module subsystem in east-west direction and north-south direction are controlled according to sun’s astronomical coordinates to realize tracking sun's movement completely and real-time and to achieve smart control on PV dual-axis tracking. It can ensure that PV module always stay at the best irradiation angle to accept sunlight and increase the conversion efficiency of PV by 25%- 30%.

Use mutually connected and supported truss structure

Using special rope on one end of PV array panel to control pulling, it not only increases the stability of PV panel but also helps for freely tracking rotation, and it has fundamentally solved the issues on wind shock and tracking system's life, improving system strength and wind resistance ability.

Truly realize Agriculture-PV complimentary model sand solve the construction land problem of PV power plant.

Tonking Group's Smart PV Plant has combined solar power with modern agriculture, seedling planting, herbal planting, tourism and education to realize multiple usages of lands to increase agriculture's output and reduce electricity cost. There are no permanent buildings on the entire PV power plant construction, so it does not change the nature of land use. It also plays an active role in preventing water and soil erosion and improving land comprehensive use efficiency. In southern China, the temperature can be very high. The PV modules help block 30% of the sunlight to lower the temperature and create a micro-climate underneath. This increases the growing cycle of the crops by 20%, makes the crop roots stronger, and enriches the content of trace elements, thereby greatly increasing the product quality. Facts have proved that agriculture-PV complimentary power plant does not affect land yield.

Technical parameters(TD30-A)

Project Unit Parameters
Capacity KW 3-81
Weight/rack Kg 400(About)
Size mm 7000*5000*3870(Customizable)
Tracking range (°) ±30~45
Tracking Accuracy (°) ±2
Operation wind speed(Max.) m/s 25
Wind load(Max.) m/s 55
Snow load kN/m² >1.4
System Energy Consumption % 0.1
Working temperature -40~70
Scope / Without geographical restrictions
Life Year ≥25
Project case
    The project is located in Fenglin town, Jiangshan City, Zhejiang Province, the new-type dual-axis tracking system is independently developed and designed by Tonking Group. The first phase 30MWP project has a total investment of RMB 240 million, and covers an area over 130 acres with annual generation of 40 million kwh, and will save 320K tons standard coal during its life cycle. This PV Plant was commissioned at the end of Aug 2014 and was connected to the grid in Sep 2014.
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